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Today marks the introduction of our first blog on Harvest Management Advisors’ newly created website.  As we consider our business, its purpose, and what we hope to accomplish we have realized that our goals and objectives are the same as all of the businesses and organizations that we have been part of and that we work with.  We all want to be viable, successful, and sustainable over time.

This is true of our new business.  And I’m sure that it’s true of your dairy farm or agribusiness that you are part of.  You want to believe that your business has a proven and practical business model.  You want to believe that your business isn’t just some wild crazy idea but instead is practical, feasible, and quite worthwhile.  Viable is the key word.

You also want your entity to be successful in the manner that you believe reflects what success means to you.  Maybe it’s about making money.  Maybe it’s about generating a charitable stream of money for your favorite “cause” through sharing a portion of your profit margin.  Maybe it’s about creating wealth that makes your personal life independent of the day to day struggle to pay your bills.  You will know, just as we do, what success looks like when you see it.

And, last of all, you want your dairy to be sustainable over time.  You want it to create its own momentum, to generate the resources it needs to maintain and expand appropriately, and to align with the market place as it changes.  And maybe you want it to be so sustainable that when it’s time, you can hand it over to your kids.  You have created a legacy that you are passing on that is sustainable.

Being viable, being successful, and being sustainable; that is what Harvest Management Advisors wants to help our clients with.  It is why we exist.

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