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Harvest Management Advisors’ mission is to provide multi-location agricultural enterprise owners and managers with tools and techniques to assist them in developing the infrastructure, management systems, governance structures, and leadership capabilities to achieve consistent performance excellence.

We Coach You

Looking for direct answers?  Want somebody to tell you specifically what to do?  That’s not Harvest Management Advisors’s style.  Leaders, like you, find their own path and make their own choices.  Harvest Management Advisors provides assistance through guidance, by asking the right questions and by giving you viable options to help solve your problems.  We create a path that requires you to discover the options, evaluate the alternatives, and choose for yourself your path to successful and profitable growth.  We then coach you through strategy implementation to assure that your solutions result in the success you desire.  We are there, with you, from beginning to end.

We use a process consultation approach with our clients.  This approach is what we do to improve their ability to effectively manage sustainable and profitable growth:

We are the Best

Harvest Management Advisors – who are these guys?  These three individuals are a unique blend of experience – a retired CEO of a growing dairy cooperative, a premiere dairy cattle veterinarian who has specialized in herd health and productivity, and organization psychologist specializing in leadership development, organizational development, and continuous improvement management systems.  There is a synergy in this blend that allows clients to break through the constraints to growth in a successful, sustainable, and scalable fashion.

So, who are these guys?  They are your advisors to profitable growth.



Growing businesses like yours need people who are strong managers and leaders. Harvest Management Advisors has a unique blend of experience and expertise in dairy management and leadership development. As your company grows you benefit moving from “working within” your organization to “working on” your organization. Management changes from being “doers” to “organizers, trainers, and delegators” We teach managers how to monitor, evaluate, and adjust the system to achieve sustainable and successful profitable growth.


For the organization to be successful in executing its strategy, its structures and systems should be aligned with and positioned to enable its core strategies. A significant constraint to sustainable and successful profitable growth are the systems, structures, infrastructure, policies, etc. that are absent or act as barriers. Organizational design and development services from Harvest Management Advisors are provided to support client growth by assessing and ensuring that the right systems, policies, structures, etc. are in place that enable successful, sustainable, and scalable profitable growth.


Successful organizations typically will have a strategic plan that lays out a 5 to 7 year roadmap for moving toward their envisioned future state. The plan states who you are, where you are going, how you are going to get there, and who is going to do what. It creates organizational alignment so everyone is heading in the same direction. Accompanying the strategic plan is an implementation plan that ensures that the plan’s stated strategy is disciplined and accomplishes what is intended. A plan’s impact is only impactful if its strategy is implemented effectively and efficiently.


There are times when teams, whether it be executive teams, board of directors, ad hoc teams, or other project teams, need assistance in gaining clarity and consensus about their objective and in moving toward their objective effectively and efficiently. We can help you with special projects that have unique issues that require “out of the box” solutions. Our HMA team includes an awarding winning Certified Professional Facilitator who can assist your group collaboratively achieve its objective.


The board of directors exists to act on behalf of the business owners’ interests. The Board is the keeper of organization’s mission, vision, core values, and overall strategy. It hires and fires the CEO, the creator and orchestrator of the management team. It evaluates and sanctions major strategy initiatives or resource requests. It impacts the company’s image in the marketplace and communities it exists in. Harvest Management Advisors can help develop the board’s ability to provide organizational leadership and management oversight leading to successful and sustained profitable growth.



David Fuhrmann

Former CEO

Dave Fuhrmann is a retired President of Foremost Farms USA Cooperative.  He spent his entire career in the dairy manufacturing industry.


Donald Kerper

Industrial/Organizational Psychologist

Donald Kerper is an Industrial /Organizational Psychology practitioner and IAF award winning facilitator.


Thomas Fuhrmann


A veterinary practitioner in the dairy industry for 40 years across the U.S. He’s held all offices in the American Association of Bovine Practitioners.


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